Are you freaked out about your white hair?

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about it as there is a perfect solution for this problem. And the solution is natural henna and indigo powder. Henna powder has been used for hundreds of years for dying hair, skin and natural fibers. It is not only good at covering gray hair but also improves hair texture, growth and condition. It coats the hair, binding it with the hair shaft and filing in imperfections, damage and split ends.

Henna powder is known for its conditioning properties. When it binds with the hair strand, it locks in moisture and helps form a permeable layer which helps hair absorb conditioning oils, rather than leaving an oily residue.

indigo and heena powder

Men and women have been using henna powder and indigo powder for covering their gray hair. As it penetrates the hair strands at a molecular level and then seals itself with plant resins, it colors gray hair more deeply. Also, the hair color lasts longer than other chemical hair dyes. It also provides one major benefit, it is completely chemical free. On one side when heavy chemicals loaded dyes can burn your scalp and cause hair loss, henna actually triggers hair growth and encourages healthy scalp, reducing many skin problems like acne, eczema or dandruff.


About Herbal Magic

Its Herbal Magic are pioneers in offering a wide range of authentic organic and natural products at a competitive pricing all across the globe. With our proven credentials in offering high quality herbal and organic hair products in the international markets, we ensure to exceed the expectations of our customers.
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